We Are Koopedia, A Design Minded Digital Collaboration

Koopedia brings more than a high level of understanding and execution of programming. Our method of including the bigger picture and an overall digital strategy has proved to inform the very core of a clients' business models. With a rare combination of technical know-how, design, and a business savvy intellect, Koopedia has fundamentally improved the digital strategy and assets for companies of all levels from startup to enterprise.

Additionally, Koopedia operates, owns, or invests in various digital properties and companies. With a strategic footprint and network of synergistic entities and products, Koopedia uniquely leverages these interests and relationships to the advantage of its clients.

It begins with exploration

Our process is simple – learn, analyze, and measure. After measurement we begin to map strategy. We then implement the strategy and repeat our process. This is done until objectives are met.