Koopedia is one of the fastest growing job services on the planet. We feature curated and exclusive job opportunities from the most coveted employers in each industry.

You can upload your resume, apply for jobs, and manage your favorites right here on the site.

Educating and informing you is another big part of what we do. We feature several resources that aid in your job search, interviewing process and career advancement.

Our History

Koopedia was started in 2012. We began with a simple vision of helping small business owners start, expand, and sometimes save their dreams. We would go out to local businesses and ask for their story, the what and why behind everything. We then shared that story with the world along with incentives to do business with them. We were almost immediately tossed into the “daily deal” category largely due to the current buzz company being Groupon, so we went with it. It worked quite well. We had a very unique proposition for the small businesses – we didn’t charge a commission like our daily deal counterparts. We weren’t in the game to milk every dime possible out of these small business owners like everyone else. We genuinely cared about their success and their story.

After we fully launched, we grabbed the attention of several media outlets. TechCrunch happen to be one of them. Once the TechCrunch article came out our business went bananas. Our users nearly tripled within a few days and we attracted interest in our model and intellectual property. Our success led to the purchase of certain assets by a major competitor and the subsequent exit from the daily deal world. However, we retained the rights to all things Koopedia, such as the domain, identity and other assets.

Here we are today. We leveraged our relationships and assets to create the Koopedia you now visit. It is a product of reaching out to our clients and users to discover the most meaningful and useful service we could provide. The overwhelming need we could help with was career placement and education. Our clients needed qualified people to fill their needs and our users needed a way to discover those opportunities along with resources to help them start, expand, and sometimes save their careers. Sound familiar?

Welcome to your Koopedia.