How to Choose Someone to Write Your Resume and Should You?

Writing a resume is a craft, and you could find that hiring a professional resume writer can give you the edge you need in your job search. Resume writers know how to draw attention to the best aspects of your career and educational history to help you get the position you want. They are skilled in choosing just the right words and phrases to present you positively to employers. How do you choose the right writer?

Resume writing is usually not a cheap service. While you may want to save your money, in the long run, a professionally written resume can help you get the job you want. Whether you spend a lot of money or a little, if you don’t carefully choose your resume writer, you could very well end up with a resume that is directionless and which doesn’t stand out to an employer.

First, look for a resume writer in your professional or personal network that your peers recommend. They should have produced good results from the resumes they wrote. Additionally, look for someone who has completed a certification process from an independent organization. Some organizations require candidates to pass courses and exams before they are certified.

Ask these questions when you interview potential resume writers:
1.) When did you receive your certification?
A certification from twenty years ago is not enough. A certification from the last three or four years can ensure that the writer has kept up with changes in the field of writing resumes. For instance, objectives are obsolete, and executive summaries are in these days. See what kinds of professional development the writer has done in recent years.

2.) What do I get for the money? What kinds of guarantees do you offer?
You should look for a consultation and an edit or two to get the draft just like you want it. Also, you should be satisfied with the final product and have recourse to get your money back if you’re not. The writer may guarantee spelling, mechanics, and grammar for their work, for example.

3.) How will you customize my resume?
The writer should be able to customize the resume to fit the particular position and industry you want to work in. That should include changing up key words or the executive summary to reflect what a particular employer wants.

4.) Can I see examples and references?
You want to see examples of the writer’s work to ensure that the quality is what you’re looking for. References can provide support for the writer’s claims that they are good at what they do.

5.) How long will the process take?
Find out if the writer can deliver on a deadline.